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Benefits of Cassava Leaves

Cassava originating from tropical America is known by various names,
like cassava kayee, kasapean, pohong tela, tela belada, lame wood, Pangala,
and others. Propagation can be done with plants from stem cuttings
old cassava. Makologis effects of cassava is as anti-oxidants, anti -
cancer, anti-tumor, and increase appetite. The common parts
This plant is the leaves and tubers.

Cassava tubers contain calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate,
calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B and C, and starch. While leaf
cassava in addition to containing vitamins A, B1 and C, also contain calcium,
calories, phosphorus, protein, fat, carbohydrate and iron. While skin
stem contains tannins, enzyme peroxidase, glikosa, and calcium

The disease can be cured and how to use


Can be done with the use of inner and external use. In discharging
5 out of cassava leaves plus 15 grams of red ginger and lime
betel sufficiently crushed and added enough water, then stirred
and smeared on diseased parts of the body. On the use of 100 grams
cassava stems plus 1 stalk lemongrass and 15 grams of ginger boiled in
1000 cc of water to the remaining 400 cc. Then filtered and drunk the water
as much as 200 cc. Apply 2 times a day.


Pounded cassava leaves, and then used to compress


Trunk 60 grams plus 30 grams of cassava that have been soaked Jali
until soft boiled with water to 800 cc 400 cc left. Then
mixture is filtered and taken 200 cc. Do it two times a day.


Fresh cassava stems crushed and then placed on the body
ill. To do scratching, grated cassava and then attached to the
the sick and bandaged. Injured due to a hot body, cassava
grated and squeezed, the water was silenced for a moment until the starch was
precipitates, and its starch is applied to the injured part.


7 pieces of boiled cassava leaves with water to 800 cc 400 cc left.
Then the water is filtered and drunk as much as 200 cc. Do it two times a day.


Bark 60 grams and 30 grams of cassava leaves, boiled with ketepeng china
The remaining 600 cc to 300 cc. Then filtered and drunk the water before

Increase Stamina

To increase stamina, 100 grams of cassava, 25 grams kencur, and 5 points
has angco seeded, blended with enough water added.
Plus honey and drink.

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