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History of Vitamin C

Year 1536. Jacques Cartier of Quebec City, Canada. Finding a way to heal canker sores with tea made from leaves and later revealed that the leaves are rich in vitamin C.

In 1795. British admiral, determined that fresh oranges 1 fruit/day should be given to the sailors who sailed from the British Navy.

1865. British Chamber of Commerce, impose mandatory to consume fresh oranges for sailors from merchant ships.

1911. Theory of vitamins, published by the Polish biochemist about 4 compounds in natural foods are beneficial to prevent the disease of sheep, ricket, pellagra, and skorbut.

Year 1918. EVMc.Collum, an American citizen began naming system assimilation of vitamins, namely "A component is soluble in fat".

1928. Vitamin C was first purified by the Hungarian biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who worked in Canbridge, England. He formulated a component called heksurat acid, which eventually became ascorbic acid (Vitamin C first generation). Then, expand again into a second generation of Vitamin C is useful for healing skorbut, such as: thirst, depression, muscle pain, appeared tired, bleeding gums and shortness of breath.

From year to year, the analysis of vitamin C continue to grow, until finally found Ester-C, Vitamin C to the third generation.

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