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Benefits of Choline for Toddler Brain

Health food nutrition - Lately, we've heard a lot about the different nutrients that are important to our children's brain development. What exactly are the benefits of nutrients? So far, we have studied the Omega-3 and Omega-6, tyrosine and tryptophan, Sphingomyelin, AA, DHA, SA and others. This time, there is no harm we learn other important nutrients for the growth of intelligence of our baby's brain is choline.

Choline is an amino saturation of the body needs to build the structure and role in the formation of cell membranes for delivery of signals within the nervous system and nerve transmission kolinergis. Choline also plays a role in various cognition systems within the brain. Choline is a chemical precursor or "building blocks" required for the formation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which has been proven by research to help in the development of memory and intelligence.

Natural source of choline is another egg yolk, soy bean, chicken liver, turkey, and beef that has been cooked.

Frisian Flag 123 and 456 contains choline to help strengthen memory and intelligence. Frisian Flag 123 and 456 also contains key nutrients opening child's potential to absorb and process information in the brain of essential amino acids: tyrosine + tryptophan. The content of DHA, AA, Sphingomyelin and SA, and of course, calcium, iron, zinc and various other vitamins and minerals to ensure your children get a complete and balanced nutrition for physical as well as brain growth.

Give your baby Frisian Flag 123 and 456 each day so that he remains healthy, strong and intelligent.

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