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Best Nutrition For Your Baby

Nutrition can be obtained from various sources, among other articles of daily food. But a growing body of toddlers who need extra of milk. Milk has been known for its excellent nutritional value, because it contains calcium, protein, and various vitamins such as A, D, and B 12 (Riboflavin). For this reason, children are encouraged to drink milk every day so they get a more complete nutrition and better.

To provide the best nutrition for your children who are growing, Frisian Flag 123 and 456 has been formulated with DHA, AA, SA, Sphingomyelin and T + T (tyrosine and tryptophan). If your child does not like white milk, no honey and chocolate flavors. Important nutrients are contained in the Frisian Flag 123 and 456? Let us identify more closely.

DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, is a type of family nutrition Omega-3 fatty acids. DHA is important for your child due to a high enough amount of DHA was found in the brain. The human brain consists of 60% fat. Of this 60%, 25% DHA is his. Research findings have concluded that DHA helps the transmission of chemical messages in the human brain. DHA can be obtained from oily fish like salmon, sardines, herring and tuna. In addition, fish oil also contains a few percent DHA. If a child does not really like eating fish, DHA can be supplemented by giving them the milk Frisian Flag 123 and 456. DHA supplementation is very important for them to prevent the decrease in the level of DHA in the body of your child.

Similar to DHA, AA is the abbreviation of another type of fatty acids in Omega-6 family. Arachidonic acid (more commonly known as AA) are also found in abundance in the human brain. As explained above, our brains consist of 60% fat, where 25% of it is the DHA and the other 15% are AA. Both DHA and AA are two types of fat are important because they are the building blocks of the brain involved in thought processes. AA sources are meat (especially red meat, organ meat) and egg yolks. AA levels in red meat (eg beef) higher than the white meat (eg chicken) because basically red meat contains more fat. Both of DHA and AA can also be found in breast milk. Same as DHA, AA supplementation would help reduction of AA in the body of a child.

Besides the above two types of fat, which also has an important role in transmitting the chemical messages are Sialic Acid (known as the SA) who is also the other nutrients contained in milk Frisian Flag 123 and 456. But unlike DHA and AA, SA is not the type of fat but carbohydrates. SA can be found either in breast milk and cow's milk. In the human body, a large number of SA can be found in our brain. SA is an important part of the brain structure, which involves the transmission of chemical messages and interaction from cell to cell. Supplements SA is very important for toddlers to help them maintain and improve levels of SA in their brains.

Frisian Flag's 123 and 456 also contain Sphingomyelin, which also is an important component of breast milk. Myelin contains 65% -80% of fat is one of Sphingomyelin. Sphingomyelin plays a role in the formation of the protective myelin coating which cause the flow of electricity in the myelin of nerve cells become more effective that supports the ability to send messages and prevent children from developmental delay.

And now, Frisian Flag 123 and 456 also contains the T + T (tyrosine and tryptophan), the right nutrients to unlock the potential of intelligence of children. Essential amino acid tyrosine, is involved in the synthesis of epinephrine - a neurotransmitter that is necessary for the mental intelligence and information absorption process in the brain. Neuroptransmitter deficiency can cause loss of concentration and also disrupt the mood of a child. Tryptophan is found in breast milk and acts as a precursor for melatonin and serotonin. Regulate melatonin rhythm of sleep and walking. Has the effect of serotonin in the dendrite growth, glial proliferation and synapto-genesis, which helps the brain process information more quickly.

With the combination of a complete and balanced nutrition, Frisian Flag 123 and 456 ensure that your baby always gets the best for her.[]

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