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Keeping Babies Skin Health

Keeping skin should be started when the babies. Because, when adult skin condition depends on the treatment since childhood. One way to treat it is to choose a comfortable fashion, with the material to absorb sweat.

Skin is the largest organ located on the surface which in addition to covering almost the entire surface of the body, also has a function that varies with disorder problems that can be local, and can be a symptom of serious illness.

"The skin of children and parents as a whole was different. The difference can be seen from the skin cells. In children, skin cells are still close together," said a pediatrician at the Section of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Dr. Rini dr Sekartini Sp.AK.

Rini said, in maintaining the health of your baby's skin this must be considered from the smallest thing, because baby's skin is very sensitive. Baby's skin is more easily absorbed substances that are attached to the skin surface. The existence of friction with the substance or material from outside would facilitate the occurrence of skin irritation.

"The baby's skin contains a high lipid content making it easier for irritants through the skin. This happened at Friction between clothing and skin them, or it could be diapers and skin," said Rini, who also joined in the Indonesian Pediatricians Association member units of the working group "Growing Fireworks "- Social Paediatrics.

Therefore, further Rini, kids clothing material selection must be rigorous. Make no mistake in choosing baby clothes, because it is also associated with health.

"Because the contact clothing or clothing not only on the hand, but also most of the body, so if it does not pay attention to skin problems of health of clothing, can occur in all parts of the body. Like in the chest or abdomen, especially on the close and humid," she explained .

Rini said there were two major factors that need to be considered in terms of choosing clothes for babies and children, are safe and comfortable. Secure in the sense that not harmful, viewed from the fabric material used, the best materials are cotton, then do not fade because of the coloring process that is not quite right, does not cause itching or allergy in the skin as well as noteworthy use of accessories, clothing must not harm the body .

Rini said, why baby clothes different from the child or with another adult, that's only because the thermostat (temperature regulator) is not working optimally, and also because the layer of fat that have not been there in the early weeks. We recommend that you wear warm clothing during cold weather and thin in hot weather, as well as children adjust to environmental conditions.

Other factors are comfortable clothes must have good air circulation, not too tight, made from soft, and can easily absorb sweat. Also, clothing models also must be noted, adjust to the age of your baby or child comfortable using it.

"Find a simple model of the clothes, with a material that is very safe in children and avoid using a lot of clothes with accessories that endangers children," Rini said while attending the certification ceremony Oeku-Tex ® Standard 100 class 1 to the Velvet Junior at Kidsport Pondok Indah, south Jakarta, last week.

"Use the appropriate model age of the child, not to hinder the movement of children, especially the gross motor skills. According to experts, the factors that cause frequent crying baby suddenly fussy or inconvenience caused of clothes," Rini said.

Meanwhile, the Sales & Marketing Manager for the Velvet Junior Chodijah said, Velvet Junior as one brand of baby clothes and children, today issued a standardized product that obtained the Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 class 1 (read: okotex).

"Standardization is a fashion Velvet guarantee that the product is very comfortable for babies and children, while not causing irritation to the skin," she said when speaking at a certification ceremony Oeku-Tex ® Standard 100 class 1 to the Velvet Junior of Jakarta.

"The parents have to choose a comfortable fashion in choosing baby clothes and children and also note the ingredients for skin health," said Chodijah.

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