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5 Vegetables containing pesticides

5 Vegetables containing pesticides - you're one person who really like vegetables? remember, these days a lot of vegetables that are no longer healthy for consumption, the reason is easy, because the vegetables were sprayed with pesticide materials. kitaharus should therefore be careful in consuming a healthy diet, so as not to become victims of pesticide.

follows we will try to explain the vegetables are very many contain pesticides. so that the vegetables are not good for consumption.

1. Celery

How about celery. Large celery is a vegetable too bad that most contain pesticides. 95% of celery in a test containing pesticides, and 85% contain more than one kind of pesticide. Even one of celery in a test containing 13 other chemical species and the collection of other celery group containing 67 different pesticides. meaning that only 5% of celery contains no pesticides. well we just planted himself at home, by not using pesticides. :)

2. Peach
Peach fruit - perhaps in Indonesia are rarely seen there are still fresh peaches, most have been dried. 96% of the peaches that in tests containing pesticides, and 86% contain more than one kind of pesticide. Even one that tested peach contains 13 other chemical species and one other group contains 67 different chemicals.

3. Strawberry
What about fruit strowberi? let us see the explanation

one strawberry tested group contains 13 types of chemicals being tested to other strawberry contains 53 different chemicals.

4. Apple
Apple fruit was very good and nutritious, but how about these apples contain pesticides?.

Looks like the saying "One apple a day may keep you from being a doctor" is outdated and should be shunned in the days now.

93.6% of apples contain pesticides that in tests, and 82.3% contain more than one kind of pesticide. Even an apple in a test containing nine other chemical species while the other set containing 47 different pesticides.

5. Blueberry

Blueberries are one of the test contains 13 other chemical species. imagine, very scary for your health/us.

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