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Carambola Acid eliminate your acne

Apparently a lot of fruits that surround us that we can use to cure acne, one of which is star fruit acids, as we will discuss today. These health tips I got from a blog in Indonesian language ie

Carambola or averhoa blilimbi acid which is still in place familih Oxalidaceae can grow outdoors are berketinggian less than 500 meters above sea level. Sour starfruit certainly can flourish in the tropics in this Indonesian region. How to use star fruit acids to remove acne.

Prepare three Carambola acids or star fruit despair and salt to taste. Then the star fruit acids in grated and mixed with the salt until it is completely uneven. And use is as a powder mixture results in the face with acne.

Carambola acids such kia contain oxalic acid and potassium. In addition it also contains extracts against Staphylococcus.

The local name of the Carambola is for Sunda acid called calincing Java language is called Blimbing wuluh. Who's in madurese called with 'bhalimbing bulu', In Aceh there called 'selimeng', in Lampung balimbing, bali blimbing buluh, in bugus celane, in Ambon takurela, in Flores balimbeng.

If you are unsure of this natural medicine, ask your doctor

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