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The importance of Togetherness Mother and Child

By: Content Team

"Who does not love, she was not loved. If parents fail to express affection to their children, they will not be able to love the parents .." (Prophet Muhammad)

Sometimes, we as parents do not realize that the unity between mother and child are the principles and should not be ignored. When a mother was engrossed in his career, sometimes neglecting primary duty to educate their children.

Sometimes we do not realize, all of a sudden we had an adult child. Then we start wishing if it'd been able to spend more time with the kids. Maybe we'll be sorry if our success in the career should be paid handsomely by eliminating a lot of time together mothers and children.

Emotional relationship that exists between mother and child could be reduced. Not only that, sometimes the lack of unity is yet to be paid handsomely by her children falling prey to negative things, like drugs or other criminal acts. How much pain we feel as a mother. Or, even when the child's success and achievement, we are not completely happy because they do not feel have any contribution in this regard.

Here are some things to bring us the importance of unity between mother and child.

1. Crying

Crying is one way used by infants to communicate with others. Babies will cry when hungry, thirsty, urinating and bowel movement or even feel sick.

Often babies cry because they want to close with his mother, when her mother was approached, he fell silent. This is how the baby to feel comfortable with her mother. What a crying is a powerful drug to the mother and son relationship closer.

2. Breastfeeding babies immediately

How can a mother too busy, he should not forget and neglect to feed their children directly, not through the bottle. From the health side, many features are directly compared with the feeding bottle.

Psychologically, breastfeeding directly will produce the link between mother and child. Children will feel comfortable and happy when he could see her mother's face and feeding of the body especially in the early months.

3. Holding child

This will create a special bond between mother and child inside. Because the child will feel closer to the body of her parents. Unlike when a child is placed in a stroller, although he could still see the face of her parents.

4. Playing with children

Research shows that children can hear and see from the first day. Babies will feel happy to see people's faces, let alone being voiced something beautiful. That's why we know, children can smell the aroma of his mother when he was nearby. So is playing with your child. Position yourself as a child, to understand the beauty of togetherness of mother and child is ongoing.

Life is choices. However, whether by making a selection, you have to sacrifice something precious, moreover it is a time of togetherness of mother and child? You would better know the answer.

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