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Usefulness laughed for Health

Clown is like aspirin, only he works twice as fast, "said Groucho Marx, a comedy star whose words are often quoted. Why would he say that? How does laughter heal diseases?

1. The laughter relieve anxiety. Therefore, one can not laugh and feel scared at the same time. Physically it's impossible. Laughter also shrink the size and source of our fears.

 2. Laughter reduces his own curiosity. Therefore, laughter makes us want to socialize with others and relieve loneliness.

3. Laughter reduces aggression and conflict. People who laugh do not be rude to others.

4. Immune system become stronger with a laugh, even reduced levels of stress hormones, heart and circulatory system healthy, and muscles become more relaxed.

5. Laughter is a source of heart-healthy exercise, especially for those who have aged. In addition, the laugh will also create a special breathing pattern is good for the health of the respiratory organs.

6. Laughter works like a virus because it spread rapidly. Spread to the whole world will reduce the anger and violence.

7. Our mental health to be better with a laugh. Stress is reduced, so was feeling angry and worried. However, a sense of happiness and positive attitude increases.

8. We become more creative and able to solve the problem because of laughing. Job satisfaction increased. We can work harder, but feel comfortable. In short, productivity increases.

9. Everyone can laugh. Humans are born with a talent to laugh. Sense of humor is not too needed to laugh.

10. Laughter is a natural process which reduces the pain, either physically or emotionally. This is a natural remedy from the body itself. Vast laugh and you will feel that it only takes a little drugs to enjoy life. @ Diyah Triarsari

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