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When should IVF programs?

Health News - IVF program like the last moments to be able to get a descent after trying a variety of businesses. Initially, the technique of in vitro fertilization or IVF is intended only for the wives who channels her eggs were damaged.

Currently test-tube babies has been expanded indications. According to Soebijanto Prof.dr.Soegiharto exposure, an expert on obstetrics and gynecology from RSCM Jakarta, there are several indications to do IVF techniques, namely:

1. Infertile due to factors oviduct
One cause of infertility is a factor that is not blocked fallopian tubes or scar tissue due to injury caused by endometriosis, infection or surgery.

2. Unexplained Infertility
Approximately 15 percent of cases are Unexplained infertile (unexplained). Diagnosis is done by examining the factors of infertility until laparoscopy did not reveal any abnormality.

3. Low sperm production
Infertility in men can occur if the sperm is very low or abnormal shape or motility (movement) is low. Abnormal shape causes are not able to penetrate the egg cell.

4. Anatomical abnormalities
Anything that prevents sperm expenditure cause infertility. Anatomical abnormalities in the testes could be due to scar tissue scar or infection.

5. Antibodies on sperm cells
In some men there who produce antibodies against their own sperm. Antibodies that attach to the sperm that weakens the movement, so sperm can not penetrate the egg cell.[]

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