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Babies born in Summer, bone Stronger

Want to have healthy children, strong and tall? So, make sure that you give birth in summer. Experts estimate, sun exposure in summer in pregnant women strongly supports the baby's health.

The conclusion was based on a study involving 7000 children. The experts believe, the key to health and child growth and development contained in the mother when the pregnancy. The mothers who receive much exposure to sunlight, will give birth to children with strong bones.

In that research team from Bristol University, compared the heights of children aged 10 years. The children were divided into two groups, children born in summer have heights up to half an inch taller and wider bones than peers who were born in the winter.

"The bone width is usually stronger and reduce the risk of osteoporosis in old age. Therefore, all the things that affect bone growth is very important," said professor Jon Tobias, one of the researchers.

Pregnant women, especially in a country of four seasons, it is recommended to a lot of sunbathing in the morning sun, especially during the third tri meter pregnancy to meet the needs of vitamin D. "No need to panic and fear of skin cancer risk because the benefits from the sun more," he said.

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