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Discovered, AIDS Vaccine on ODHA Body

Discovered, AIDS Vaccine on ODHA Body

RESEARCHER United a step closer to developing a vaccine against the deadly AIDS virus. They found antibodies that can kill 91 percent of the HIV virus.

Scientists have found three powerful antibodies in the cell body of a male African-American gay 60-year-old who was called Donor 45. Even one of them is the antibodies that neutralize more than 91 percent of the HIV virus. The male body makes antibodies naturally. Thus okezone receive from NY Daily News, Monday (07/12/2010).
In the case of 45 donors - the antibody does not save themselves from contracting HIV - researchers filter out approximately 25 million cells to find dozens of cells that later can produce a powerful antibody. Men are most likely already infected with the HIV virus before the body began to produce antibodies. Until now, he is still alive, and has been diagnosed with HIV for 20 years at the time of his blood taken.

Researchers wishing to make a vaccine that will allow everyone to create a body similar antibodies Donor 45. This research is expected to pave the way to make vaccines that are not only effective against the AIDS virus, but also other viral diseases, and has become an important part of AIDS research.

Speaking of the vaccine, Gary Nabel, Vaccine Research Center Director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Disease who also led the research said, "It would take hard work. We'll be here for a while (before the vaccine showed a clear benefit)."

Last year, demonstrated the effectiveness of the first HIV vaccine proved disappointing. Following the next vaccine research in Thailand which, according to statistics reached a successful range of up to 30 percent. But, the discovery of this new antibody can produce a more promising treatment.

"Antibodies are attached to the virus that has not changed, and this explains why the virus can neutralize different strains of HIV is deadly," said Dr. John Mascola, one of the researchers.

Prepare antibody discovery became effective HIV vaccine research will be difficult, because researchers must start from an important part of the virus where antibodies attached to it. Then, design a vaccine using the virus to stimulate the body to make antibodies like those found in donor 45.

Inventions described in the online edition of the journal Science, was discovered just days before the International AIDS Conference in Vienna scheduled to be held July 18 to 23, 2010. This research is expected to be the focus of the meeting given the number of people living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) growing.

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