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Sweet, but No Damage Teeth

Currently about 95 percent of world population suffer from dental caries or cavities. Three main causes of cavities, namely Streptococcus Mutans bacteria, saliva, and food scraps.

Leftover food (especially sugar) are left on the sidelines of the teeth will stimulate growth of Mutans streptococci bacteria that colonies growing on the layer of dental plaque. The bacteria can ferment the sugar left on the teeth and produce acid compound which lowers the pH of the mouth to less than 5.5. Acid compound layer will erode tooth enamel, forming a hole in the tooth surface.

Xylitol is a positive impact on dental health, because it can inhibit the growth and metabolism of dental plaque formation by the bacteria Streptococcus Mutans. Xylitol is believed to support the process re-mineralization on dental caries. This was stated by Prof. Jason Tanzer, head of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine.

Xylitol is considered as a tooth-friendly sweeteners. It is so called not only because xylitol prevents tooth decay by replacing the role of regular sugar, but also because it can repair minor damage to dental caries. Xylitol can reduce dental plaque otherwise unable to decompose by microorganisms that live in the mouth that cause cavities.

Xylitol is considered as the second greatest invention compounds for dental health after fluoride, as recognized Dr Nigel Carter of the International Dental Health Foundation. Because xylitol is an empty calorie sweetener, Mutans streptococci bacteria can not use it as an energy source, even threaten their survival.

In addition, xylitol can not be fermented acidic compounds are formed so as not to cause tooth decay. Xylitol mouth guard pH remained stable at neutral pH (around 7) so that it can prevent tooth decay and stimulate production of saliva which is rich in calcium to speed up the process of reshaping teeth mineral layer.

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