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Various kinds of milk, you must know

Liquid milk last longer if kept in good packaging.
Currently on the market has been circulating a variety of liquid milk. Some labeling of fresh milk, pasteurized milk, sterilized milk or UHT milk (Ultra High Temperature). You know, all types of milk have the same nutritional content as has been formulated with fresh milk. But compared to fresh milk, milk which has undergone various processing this has advantages, namely a longer shelf life.


- Fresh milk is milk from cows, buffalo, horses, goats or sheep are healthy and not mixed colostrum.

- Terms of fresh milk is good: containing not less than 3.25 percent milk fat and 8.25 percent solids not fat.

- Not containing added water, food additives and antibiotics, and have not experienced a change of color, odor and viscosity.

- Has the best flavor than fresh milk that has been processed for fatty acid content of milk (butyric acid) is still good.

- To secure food, fresh milk should be drunk directly processed first. How, by heating until the temperature reaches 70รบ80 degrees Celsius for 50-10 minutes. So, do not boil the milk so that the emulsion is not broken.

- Fresh milk that has been processed and should immediately be taken out immediately. When stored at room temperature is feared that there are microbes in the air will damage the milk. Period store at room temperature no more than two hours.

- When stored in the refrigerator, chances are able to survive for 12 hours. But try to use containers that have been sterilized (can use a glass or glass bottle that has been boiled).

- Microbes in the air will contaminate the fresh milk that has been milked. This is because the conditions of air temperature and humidity in Indonesia is high (average 28 ° - 30 ° C).

MILK UHT (Ultra High Temperature)

- Fresh milk or milk reconstitution or recombination of sterilized milk at a temperature of not less than 135 ° C for 2 seconds and immediately packed in sterile packaging.

- Heating with temperatures reaching 135 ° C was able to kill the bacteria that exist.

- Taste the milk was not very good because it has been through the process of heating with high temperature.

- The advantage of this process does not eliminate micro-nutrient content, such as vitamins and minerals.

- Content of nutrients has been formulated to resemble fresh milk and powdered infant formula. It implies no less than 3.25 percent milk fat and 8.25 percent solids not fat.

- Can be stored at room temperature.

- When storage reaches six months to a year for an unopened package.


Some milk producers out of milk products "energy supplement". In calories, protein, and minerals are higher than any other formula. As a result, the energy that went into the child's body was believed to be automatically higher. In addition, this type of milk is more easily absorbed by the digestive tract because of the fat composition in the form MCT (medium chain triglycerides),. In fact, the composition of amino acids in it any terkadung complete pertained to perform protein synthesis.

Normally, milk is considered as an additional or supplementary menu. But considering its nutritional content is very complete, milk may be regarded as an addition to this energy as a substitute for food. Still does not mean the child is fed only and do not need to eat other foods.

Milk energy enhancer should be given to children belonging to poor appetite or low. But again, it would be nice if parents first consult with a pediatrician or a child nutritionist to find out what causes bad little appetite. Is it because there are medical disorders or psychological factors, such as bored with the menu-the food and atmosphere that's unpleasant to eat.

Pasteurized milk

Pasteurized milk is milk that is heated by high-temperature short-time method or the method of holding and immediately packed in sterile packaging. In addition to fresh milk, the process of preservation by pasteurization applied also to the reconstitution of milk and milk recombination. Reconstitution of milk is the milk prepared with the addition of liquid water on fatty milk powder (full cream), or powdered skim milk, or low-fat milk powder. While milk is recombined liquid milk produced from a mixture of components of milk (skim milk, cream) and water.

- Temperature during heating reached 65 ° C to 80 ° C in order to kill bacteria that cause disease.

- Nutrient content of pasteurized milk has been formulated with fresh milk and powdered infant formula. Milk fat content of not less than 3.25 percent and 8.25 percent solids not fat.

- Taste the milk is still good because it does not go through the process of heating is high.

- The shelf between 5-7 days at 4 ° C or in refrigerator.

Sweetened condensed milk

- Products sweetened condensed milk is obtained by eliminating some of the water through evaporation (evaporation) in order to obtain a certain thickness.

- Content of different nutrients than fresh milk. Even a lower vitamin content when compared with fresh milk. This type of milk is not intended to fulfill the perfect pattern of four healthy 5. More widely used as a cooking ingredient mixture.

- Sugar and fat content is very high, so is not suitable given to infants.

- This product can be classed as a product with a long expiration date because of the high sugar content that can prevent microbial growth. Unopened packaging survived up to two years. While the packaging has been opened can only survive approximately two months, or even when stored in refrigerator.

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