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Eating Pattern Supporting Detoxification

There are so many health benefits that can be gained through fasting, including detoxification. A diet that is balanced and controlled will also reduce excess weight. However, all these objectives will be achieved if we restrict foods high in protein and fat and that contain sugar.

To get a fit body, healthy, and toxins from the body to support spending during the month of Ramadan, see the tips from dr Phaidon L Toruan, nutritionist and diet, at following:

1. Complex carbohydrate intake during meal.
Complex carbohydrates more slowly broken down into blood sugar that do not experience fluctuations in blood sugar is high. Blood sugar stable, and this is very helpful so that the body's energy metabolism stomach feel more full, until the time of breaking. Ideal carb menu when the dawn is sweet potatoes, maize, cassava, oatmeal, wheat bread, brown rice, and fruits.

2. Fruit and vegetables during meal.
Fasting for the body is a detoxification program. Resting the bowel a chance to remove the pulp and body metabolism. Leftover food, especially meat rotting in the colon, can be cleaned. Purifier primarily insoluble fiber contained in vegetables. Meanwhile, the fruit is also rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and antioxidants that help the detoxification process.

3. Reduce fried foods.
Fried to make red blood cells clumping together as pacar cina. As a result, oxygen delivery can be reduced up to 20 percent, so we are so sleepy during the day easier.

4. Reduce sugar
Use of health, ideally, a sweet coming from the natural. Granulated sugar that is contained in various foods and drinks will cause blood sugar spikes. Here's what to avoid.

If a month-long diet laden with sugar, at the time of Eid, yo-yo effect will occur. Weight lost during fasting would be normal again, even heavier than before. When this happens continuously, the weight will accumulate and will cause obesity. Sweet is the ideal time to break the fast can be obtained from palm sugar, dates, honey, sugar, stevia, or fresh fruit.

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