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Electronic Cigarettes begin popular

Cigarettes do not need to be burned now and can be used repeatedly. Electronic cigarette is called with the electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) has now entered the Indonesian market.

ENDS circulation issues in various countries including Indonesia are now whipping the public and medical circles. This product is designed like a cigarette burn. What distinguishes this with cigarette smoking is usually a sophistication.

"ENDS The truth can not be categorized as a cigarette, in Indonesia was still illegal," said Director of Drugs Control Agency for Drugs and Food Dr Danardi Sosrosumihardjo, SpKJ.

ENDS estimated first produced in China in 2003. Her presence is still banned because they are classified toxic cigarettes. Ministry of Health and BPOM yet to know how to refill these cigarettes can enter Indonesia.

On ENDS consists of a lithium-ion batteries that can be electronically controlled, small heating element or atomizer, and the cartridge contains nicotine solution in propylene glycol/glycerin/diethylene glycol.

Works the same way with smoking tobacco. At the time the user smokes a pipe smoking, a vaporizer or edges will light up and work to change the liquid inside to steam. Rechargeable battery that can provide energy to the vaporizer and has an indicator light to show when equipment is being used.

When inhaled, nicotine is going to happen and then warming into the lungs. "Ritual similar to smoking, because that tool is recommended to replace the cigarettes," he said.

In its packaging, printed label "HEALTH", but this is considered to mislead the public because there are no data that clearly reveal the chemical combination that you entered during the setup process.

Currently Danardi estimates, ENDS has been a lot of supply in Indonesia, including Makassar, Semarang, Lampung, Palembang, and Surabaya. Even in Surabaya had found leaflets that advertise these products openly, although most still via the Internet and door-to-door.

ENDS sold with price range of Rp 150,000 to Rp 160,000. Offered with a variety of different flavors, ranging from a sense of brand cigarette tobacco based products sold in Indonesia to various kinds of fruit flavor. (tam).

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