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Fit Body with Herbs

Use of natural or herbal ingredients, quite popular in the community to remember easily obtained materials and minimal side effects when compared with the side effects of drugs from chemicals. Unfortunately, most people just taking herbal medicine when it is sick. In fact, most herbal actually useful as a preventive and improve fitness.

There are times when a reaction occurs after consuming herbal diarrhea accompanied by nausea. In a book published Trubus Herbal Indonesia nutritious Info Kit mentioned, accompanied by nausea, diarrhea is a sign of detoxification to remove body toxins. Throughout processed properly, herbs are very adaptive in the body.

In taking herbs, it is recommended to consume a particular type of health drink for a week, adjusted for health conditions. Frequency is twice a day in the morning and afternoon. The following week, herbal species can be replaced. For example if the rice kencur last week chose to overcome stiff, then this week could take wedang spices to warm the body and expel the flu.

One type of rhizome which has a property to strengthen a weak body is ginseng. According dr.Setiawan Dalimartha, efficacious ginseng to increase chi (vital energy). Korean plants are usually used as a mixture to drink.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is also a favorite in many prescription herbal beverage. In addition to warm, this plant has the effect of increasing stamina. Ginger can be processed into a drink sherbet, bajigur, bandrek, sekoteng, tea fit, and wedang ginger.

Despite the acknowledged benefits and many are already feeling the success of herbal treatment, one thing must be remembered from an herbal treatment is not as fast as this treatment of chemical treatment. Need patience and patience from the patient to treatment in this way. Therefore, never tempted by the herb or herb is claimed to have properties cespleng.

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