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Healthy 'outer and Inner' with Fasting

Hunger and thirst in the hot afternoon was a struggle no light at the time of fasting. But, even though it feels heavy, with fasting, we can get various rewards. Not only spiritually healthy, but also physical.

From glasses of medicine, fasting provides many benefits for the body. For example, fasting led body to eat and drink regularly.

"Fasting is also beneficial for the body because it provides an opportunity regeneration of cells, normalize heart function and heart, resulting in more protein function, and eliminate toxic deposits," said Erin Destrini, doctors in Jakarta Clinic Medical Center (JMC).

Mulyadi Tedjapranata, general practitioner and Director of the Jakarta Medizone Clinic, explains, at the time of fasting, whole body organs, blood circulation, and lymph nodes have a chance to rest from all activities.

"This is a chance the body's cells to regenerate new cells and healthy that will make our body's metabolism to be better overall," said Mulyadi.

Any body or detoxification of toxic dumping when fasting. You see, when fasting, the intake of solid food like rice, flour, meat, and bread is reduced. Instead, the body gets more intake in the form of liquids such as water, juice, or hot soup that was instrumental in the process of detoxification.

In addition, drinking and eating abstinence will also enhance the process of disposal of toxins from the colon, liver, kidney, lung, pancreas, and skin.

Lowering koresterol

Fasting is also a means for lowering bad cholesterol levels. We know that high cholesterol in the blood can cause accumulation or crust of plaque on blood vessel walls that can cause blockages.

If this blockage occurs in blood vessels of the heart, it can cause coronary heart disease. If the clogging of blood vessels of the brain, a stroke can result. Well, based on various research results, it can reduce levels of fasting cholesterol in the body.

Free radicals can also ditangkal when fasting. Fasting will reduce free radicals that interfere with the activity of enzyme. These free radicals cause mutations and damage to the body of the cell wall. If the damaged cell wall, may develop premature aging or even heart disease or stroke.

Thus, for healthy people, fasting will also reduce the risk of developing diabetes because of the wrong diet. Just so you know, a person may have diabetes because eating patterns are wrong and also because of heredity.

Now, with fasting, we can avoid the risk of diabetes due to more regular eating pattern. By fasting, we can reduce consumption of sugar. Calorie consumption is also reduced so that blood sugar levels can also be reduced.

No less important, long fasting teaches us to be patient and forgive each other. "Forgiveness may help lower blood pressure and tension, as well as reduce stress and anxiety," said Mulyadi. In contrast, harbored anger can cause headaches disease, heart attacks, asthma and insomnia.

Well, after weighing all the rewards and benefits of both fasted before, you should not hesitate to undergo a month-long fasting month of Ramadan at this time. Welcome to fast. (Sanny Cicilia Simbolon, Sofyan Hidayat Nur)

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