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How to Detect Skin Cancer

Cancer rarely show specific symptoms, so many people do not realize it, including in cases of skin cancer. Although not as popular as breast cancer or cervical cancer, still need to regularly examine themselves against skin cancer.

Preventing skin cancer can be done to protect themselves from excessive sun exposure. But one can also detect early signs of skin cancer.

How to remove clothes and looked under the sun. Early signs that appear usually in the form of spots, such as lesions or moles.

Another way to detect skin cancer early is to see changes, such as size, discoloration, itching and bleeding. Since many skin cancer may look like psoriasis or eczema.

In a recent study reported by the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery, plastic surgeon and researcher Patricia Terrill revealed the importance of doing a complete examination of the entire body if found any change in the skin of a person.

"Many of us are ignoring skin cancer. Much of the same form of skin cancer that is like a small red scaly, patches of eczema or rash-like pearls," Terrill said, as quoted from, Tuesday (16/2/2010).

Terrill revealed approximately 67 percent of patients who went to the doctor already has a form of basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma and thus require a longer treatment, these cells can only be found by scanning the entire body.

The main cause of skin damage in patients with cancer caused by exposure to sunlight. In addition there are also other causes of environmental exposure to carcinogenic compounds or a specific genetic defect from birth so that higher-risk disease

"Although skin cancer can occur in areas frequently exposed to sunlight, but can spread to all parts of the body. It could be not only one place is very aesthetically," said Professor Ian Olver, Cancer Council Australia's CEO.

Olver adds skin cancer is one form of cancer that can be seen and can be cured, either for the non-melanoma or melanoma. Chance to recover will be greater if found at an early stage, it is important to check each of the changes that occur in the skin as a form of early detection.

Terrill suggested should do the whole body skin examinations twice a year, but for people who have a history of skin cancer, there is nothing wrong to be more alert to any changes. Early detection is important because skin cancer can occur from the age of 20 years.

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