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Inhaling Due Paint Odor

Jakarta, One of the risks faced when painting the house or new house is finished painted dizziness and shortness of breath due to inhaling the stinging smell of paint thinner. What are the consequences for the occupants of the house?

Actually, to reduce it could be by keeping the room by turning on ventilation fans. But even this sometimes does not work. It's best if freshly painted room that do not directly occupied first.

In general, the paint consists of several components such as solvents, placard, dyes and other additives. Wall paint smell in the more derived from the solvent, which is usually oil-based (oil-based).

Quoted from Essortment, Wednesday (08/04/2010), wall paint using oil-based solvent containing many volatile organic compound (VOC) which evaporate easily. By keeping the room by turning on ventilation fans. But even this sometimes does not work. It's best if the room is freshly painted, do not directly occupied first.

If inhaled, its impact on health can vary according to the endurance of each individual.

Shortly after the inhalation, the impact is most often experienced dizziness, shortness of breath and eye irritation. Meanwhile, if inhaled continuously, in the long term impact can be more severe the cancer and nerve damage in the brain.

Adverse effects can also be experienced by pregnant women. Several types of solvents such as glycol ether have a high VOC content and reportedly can cause a miscarriage if inhaled in large quantities.

Therefore, pregnant women should not be placed on a freshly painted room is less than 2x24 hours. If forced, it is recommended to use a facial mask.

Face masks are not only effective for reducing the amount of steam inhalation. Dust originating from residual sanding can also be deflected with a mask, so as not to get into the airways and cause shortness of breath.

To reduce VOC vapor, the easiest way is to make sure ventilation or air circulation is always well maintained. The fan is switched to the outside can help remove moisture from the room, as well as accelerate the drying paint.

Some tips that can be applied when painting houses among others the following:

1. Immediately out of the room to get some fresh air if you have shortness of breath, dizziness or eye irritation
2. If eye irritation due to paint vapors, immediately wash with clean water
3. Check with your doctor if eye spattered by paint or solvent
4. Use eye protection if necessary
5. Protect sensitive skin using rubber gloves
6. Sanding to do when the walls in wet conditions to reduce dust.[]

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