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Aspirin Prevents Liver Damage

An aspirin can prevent liver damage due to parcetamol and alcohol overdose. Thus the findings of the experts said. Yale University team that published the findings in the Journal of Clinical investigation found that aspirin can prevent death in rats with paracetamol overdose.
They believe that these results are due to chemical interference paths that lead to damage due to inflammation

Unfortunately, the British Liver Trust said that these findings have not been proven in humans. The average incidence of liver cirrhosis rise in England in recent years due to the many people who consume excessive alcohol and paracetamol every year.

Scientists look at how alcohol and paracetamol (fever-lowering drugs) can damage the liver by causing inflammation. Inflammation is a sign that the damage is getting worse. Recent findings of experts even mention, the mice were given acetaminophen (the active ingredient in paracetamol) in Jumah many will survive the death after being given aspirin in small quantities.

These scientists believe, aspirin works by blocking a chemical receptor in liver cells. Receptors is what causes the appearance of inflammation. Aspirin is also isolate specific molecules, called TLR antagonist that also can block this receptor.

Dr. Wajahat Mehal, the leader of this research, stating: "Many factors such as drugs and alcohol that can damage the liver, and we found two ways of blocking the center lane which is responsible for liver damage" he said.

Mehal said, the strategy uses aspirin every day to prevent liver damage. When you fail TLR antagonist used to replace it. "All this offers tremendous possibilities in reducing the suffering of the patients with liver disease."

Mehal also reminded that the recommendation of the use of aspirin must be from a doctor because it is used more than one day. Aspirin can cause stomach irritation and increase the risk of bleeding in the digestive tract. Therefore, must not use it.

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