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Men Have More sweat

Men do indeed easier sweat bath. Not just because they are more physically active, but also the body temperature rises faster men than women, especially when doing physical activity is quite heavy.

Basically spending the sweat of body fluids is a mechanism to balance the body temperature. For example, when the temperature inside the body heat, it is necessary to issue the liquid through the skin for temperature in the body can be lowered so that we feel comfortable.

Experts believe all this time, men sweat more because their bodies have evolved following the physical activity of men is more severe, ranging from hunting to perform activities of carpentry. Conversely, women are more mild physical activity and body they are also smaller, so water stored less body. So if there is evaporation of fluids through excessive sweating, they can become dehydrated.

Scientists from Japan have found that the more active people sweat more, whatever their gender. People who do sports activities will spend 60 percent of his body fluids than someone who is not active. Therefore, people who actively exercise his ability to adapt to the environmental temperature is better.

"Women generally have less body fluid than men so they are more easily dehydrated. They are also more susceptible to heat stroke because their bodies are not very good at lowering temperature in the body," said Yoshimitsu Inoue, a researcher from the University of Osaka and Kobe.

At least, the amount of sweat produced by the female body is a strategy to survive in hot environments, while sweating profusely in men could be a strategy for physical activity is more severe. "The ability to adapt to warmer temperatures would be better if men or women to do sports," said Inoue.

Every day, we sweat an average of 1 to 1.5 liters, depending on gender, air temperature and light weight of its activity. Soccer players had lost two liters of sweat during a marathon runner to compete and sweat to three liters in one hour.

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