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Tomato Seeds Effectively Replacing Aspirin

Tomato Seeds
London - Seeds of tomatoes believed to be capable of as a substitute for aspirin and is one of longevity medicine.

According to clinical trials conducted Professor Asim Dutta-Roy from the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, the natural gel found in seeds of tomato can help maintain healthy blood circulation by preventing blood from clotting.

Gel, a colorless and tasteless, and can be added to foods without changing their characteristics. The findings are then patented as Fruitflow.
Use Fruitflow already done at one of the fruit and juice products scheduled to be added to other foods.

EU health officials have received the results of this study are believed to increase blood flow and has approved the use of such claims on the packaging.

So far, aspirin is known to reduce the risk of freezing. Now with the use of Fruitflow impact caused smaller and tend to be more effective.

Nowdays, millions of parents taking small doses of aspirin every day to improve blood flow. However, this usage is actually not recommended because it has the side-effects such as bleeding in the stomach and ulcer formation.

Professor Asim Dutta-Roy at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, which is also the originator of the Mediterranean diet, say that Fruitflow is a good natural alternative to aspirin.

"For now, there are no side effects have been demonstrated during the development of Fruitflow," said Asim Dutta-Roy as quoted by the Telegraph

Research shows that the smooth blood flow can be seen within three hours to take Fruitflow and results can take up to 18 hours, making it ideal for daily consumption.

Use Fruitflow has been added to Sirco, or mixed with a range of 100% pure fruit juice. And has been available in health food stores. [Mor]

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