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Lead in Paint Dangerous for Pregnant Women?

Lead in Paint Dangerous for Pregnant Women - When pregnant, as far as possible avoid wall containing lead paint smooth as can be absorbed by the pores or breathing and poison the fetus. This is especially for pregnant women in the tri first half which is still a critical period. Slightest disturbance can be bad for the fetus.

Jennifer R. Niebyl Therefore, gynecologists recommend that pregnant women do not need to be involved in decorating the baby room, especially when the process of painting. "Fine materials from wood and paint can produce fine tin can join terhidup. Exposure to lead this fine can accumulate in the blood and poison the fetus," he said.

Lead in Paint Dangerous for Pregnant Women?

Although experts do not know the type of lead exposure or the maximum levels that can be harmful to the fetus, but the high blood lead levels can affect infant development and infant intelligence. Several studies have also linked lead exposure with risk of miscarriage.

"If you felt it was exposed to lead, you can find out by doing a blood test," said Christina Chambers, epidemiologist.

In addition to paint the walls, some objects can also contain lead, such as kosemtik, cookware, and tools solder (solder).

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