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Blood Type A: Expand Vegetables

Blood Type A - Blood type is key to the whole body's immune system. This is an important explanatory factor in our bodies. Antigen contained in the works to produce antibodies in the blood are useful for fighting viruses that cause disease.

When antibodies recognize antigens from microbial invaders, there was a series of reactions called agglutination or clumping. There are many factors involved in the process of clotting, one of which is food.

There are several types of food that has the potential to agglutinate cells of certain blood types, so that certain foods can be very harmful to one or more blood group, but also can be beneficial to other blood types.

Blood type A
People with blood type A sometimes often face problems such as hypertension, heart disease, blood vessel problems, cancer and ulcer, even obesity.

A blood type is basically well-developed with fresh vegetable-based foods that are beneficial to the body.

There are 3 types of food to people with blood group A:

1. Very useful (as a drug reaction)
Carp, salmon, cod, sardines, mackerel, nuts, spinach, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, olive oil, bananas. rice flour.

2. Neutral
Tuna, yellow tail fish, maize, wheat bread, red onion, cucumber, taro, melons, grapes, cantaloupe, pears, dates, guava, chicken, ostrich, wild duck, pigeon.

3. Avoid
Eggs of fish, lobster, shellfish, mussels, octopus, shrimp, oysters, eel, shrimp, squid-cum, beef, buffalo, sheep, duck, cheese, ice cream, tomatoes, yams, potatoes, oranges, coconut or coconut milk , soda water, papaya.

Also, avoid pure milk-based products and limit consumption of eggs. Dairy products that can be consumed for people with blood group A is a fermented dairy products like yogurt. Fresh goat's milk also can be used as a substitute for pure milk of the cow.

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