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Breakfast Quality for Kids

Breakfast Quality for Kids - Breakfast is very important for children who are in a period of growth and is always moving on. A healthy breakfast, not only inadequate nutrition of children but also makes the brain learn and concentrate well.

For children 6-12 years, ideally breakfast menu consists of whole grains or whole grains, fruits or vegetables, nuts, milk or other animal products. Serves breakfast should not be too much because a large portion would interfere with the digestive system. We can add a snack in the morning so that children will be provided for energy until noon.

Carbohydrate source also did not have rice, we can replace it with a group of other cereal like wheat or oats. Cereals are an ideal choice for breakfast menu considering the completeness of the nutritional content and value of practicality. Cereals made from natural ingredients and contain more fiber which is equipped with a variety of vitamins. Thus, the cereal will not only meet energy needs, but many essential nutrients. Choose cereal for breakfast then it meets a quarter of the adequacy of calories in addition to the adequacy of many vitamins, and fiber.

Tip prepare a healthy breakfast for children:
1. Prepare healthy and nutritious breakfast menu balanced.
2. Choose a breakfast menu that are practical and varied from different kinds of food.
3. Breakfast does not have rice. Cereals, bread, potatoes and noodles can be an alternative.
4. Processed products such as milk or yogurt is highly recommended.
5. Could be supplemented with fresh fruit or a blend.
6. Give adequate drinking water.
7. Give also an opportunity for children to plan and prepare breakfast.

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