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Pain because of weather changes

Pain because of weather changes
Pain because of weather changes, now the weather is uncertain, in one hour can be changed from hot to rain, or vice versa. Weather like this make us vulnerable to disease. So, what is option to Us?
Health experts see humans as 'electromagnetic beings'. If there are changes in the outside (which happens when there is a decrease in air pressure or a sudden magnetic storm), then it will affect our bodies.

Our body automatically adapt to new conditions, which occur in large changes in small blood vessels that tried to maintain blood pressure levels earlier. The first thing to react when there is fluctuation in weather is a person who has the problem of cardiovascular disease. The low air pressure is also often a problem for those who have a problem hypotensive (low blood pressure). They tend to feel tired, nervous, and drowsiness. Meanwhile, people who hypertensive (high blood pressure) is very sensitive to the increase in air humidity and increase air pressure.

If you want to try hard, then you can slowly reduce the symptoms of sensitivity to weather changes with the fight:

1. Focus on the process of overcoming your health problems due to weather conditions often make existing illnesses worse.

2. Check the thyroid gland. Iodine deficiency will exacerbate sensitivity to weather.

3. Reduce or stop consuming carbonated or caffeinated beverages.

4. Support your immune with adaptagen, such as ginseng, vitamin C and vitamin E. Exercise also can help you, such as jogging and walking, to help repair blood vessels and strengthen the body's nervous system.

5. Whatever the weather, try to spend much time in fresh air.

6. If you have high blood pressure problem, then make the body as warm as possible when the weather is cold.

7. If you have low blood pressure problems, then start your day with physical exercise to stimulate blood circulation.

8. Eat a balanced diet. Do not start a diet for the maintenance of the body, but avoid overeating. Here's what you can add in your daily diet: beets, raisins, dried apricots, dried plums, oranges, beans, onions, and honey.

9. Always prepare for extreme weather changes. Always bring an umbrella and jacket.

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