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Painting Hair will Add Gray hair ?

Painting Hair will Add Gray hair
Painting Hair will Add Gray hair - Each strand of hair has melanin, a pigment that gives color to the hair. However, for reasons that even the doctors did not know, pigment cells near the root of each hair began to retire. So when the hair is black or other colors started to fall out, his replacement is often white or gray hair.
White or gray hair is actually still the same with your hair that long, but now has no color. Sooner than appears gray in someone's head have a very strong connection with heredity. If you are among the older generation there is a gray-haired since he was young, it probably is too.

The most popular and easy way to cover gray hair is by painting. In fact, hair dye latest technology can restore your hair color tone in adolescence, even childhood. Thus, you can look younger with dark hair color that looks natural.

You do not need to worry, the paint will increase the amount of gray hair as long as these myths exist. "If we paint the hair, the hair will be more automatic and all the roots of black hair covered with paint. That is, if there is a new gray hair that appears, will be more visible. This is what is frequently thought to be growing more gray hair," said Jasmine K Karsono, Manager of Scientific Communication Procter & Gamble, told Prevention.

Be sure to select the gray hair care products with gentle formulation. Plus, with color levels are not much different from our original hair color.

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