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Reasons to Drink Two Liter a Day

Reasons to Drink Two Liter a Day - Every adult should drink at least a minimum of two liters of water a day to maintain health and stamina so as not to dehydrate and damage the health.

"At least we should drink eight glasses or two liters a day to replace fluids lost because of our activity," said Dr. Samuel Oetoro, Nutritionist, in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/08/2010).

According to Samuel, the benefits of water is essential for human life can even be equated with the needs of the body of nutrients and vitamins your body needs.

Humans need to consume two liters of water a day is to replace lost body fluids in as much as two liters through urine, sweat and respiratory tract.

"Therefore, because of water lost as much as two liters per day for daily activities, then the liquid must also be filled by as much as two liters of drinking water a day," said Samuel.

Reminded, human impacts dehydrated very fatal and can endanger human health if it does not consume as much as two liters of water per day.

If humans lack two percent of the water, will cause a sense of thirst, fatigue, weakness, disturbing concentration and thinking ability.

If the loss of water by four percent to six percent of the body will experience severe weakness, pale, dry mucous membranes, decreased urination and a restless consciousness.

"But if the water shortages reach 12 percent then the consciousness is not responds, urination does not exist, the face looks gray, decreased blood pressure, pulse very fast and quietly that it could be fatal as death," he said.

Also be reminded not only the consumption of two liters per day is important but also the quality of water you drink should have characteristics in accordance with health standards, such as no color, no odor, no taste and free from harmful chemicals and bacteria.

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