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Your Child Hypertension Victim, Beware!

Your Child Hypertension Victim, Beware! - As a parent would have to be aware of hypertension in children as soon as possible. Hypertension in children will cause damage to the heart, brain, kidney.

Research shows that 80% of hypertension in children are hypertension caused by another underlying disease. An estimated two thirds of children will suffer from disease and kidney damage, if not treated quickly.

As quoted from inspiredkidz, David Kaelber, internist and pediatrician Sakir's house in Boston, United States, found a number of children suffering from high blood pressure early age ranges 2-5% of the total hypertensive and began to attack the children at the age of three years .

Meanwhile, Dr. Michael Wasserman, a pediatrician at OchnerClinic in Metairie, Louisiana, confirmed the need for preventive measures and treatment, before the problem becomes more severe. In addition, he asked the doctor more carefully when detecting an attack of hypertension in children.

Hypertension risk such as low birth weight, but after birth the child has the potential are obese.

Medical specialist in internal medicine, Dr Sandy Ruslan SpPD said common symptoms of hypertension that occur in children are usually headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, abdominal pain, vomiting, decreased appetite and weight loss.

Risk factors that could cause the child is suffering from hypertension:
- Factors descent, the family history is affected by hypertension.
- Children born with low weight, but then are obese.
- At birth experienced a problem that should be much longer stay in hospital.
- Suffering from congenital heart disease.

Tips for reducing risk factors for children suffering from hypertension:
- Give the mother's milk to your baby for all risk of hypertension by decreasing.
- Change the child's diet, if he is suffering from obesity or the diagnosis was experiencing high blood pressure.
- Perform weight-loss program to child when he was obese.

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