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Beware of Dangers Dehydration!

Beware of Dangers Dehydration! - How many liters of water we drink every day? One liter? Two liters? Or even we rarely drink, either because of preoccupation to do something so forget or maybe because I was lazy when I have to frequently urinate?

For those who rarely drink, especially water, should be aware of dehydration because you might actually faint. As a result of fatal due to dehydration is death!

Ika Fitriyana, SMAN 81 Jakarta, have experienced the unpleasant it. She fainted. Why is she unconscious? Besides being lazy drink as much as two liters a day, Ika also like to forget to drink. Moreover, if the schedule again very solid.

"I have not drank for hours. Well, during the closing ceremony of The Student Orientation (MOS), the time I was in junior high school, fainted because of lack of drinking! "Ika story.

While Chelsea Vanessa, Lady of the Sacred Heart high school students in Jakarta, only sometimes drinking water. To replace the fluid needs, he prefers to eat fruit or vegetables are cooked like a soup. Chelsea was never unconscious. But, he confessed that he had a headache from lack of drinking. "Body does not seem fit," he said.

Well, not to experience dizziness like Ika, or Chelsea because of lack of drinking that we are experiencing. So, from now on, start drinking at least two liters a day let no dehydration.

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