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Manuka Honey Effective Against Super Bacteria

Honey effective against super bacteria - The latest research showed, the honey that usually use to cure the hurt, it turn out have a large potency to be a potent drug in overcoming super bacteria that resistant to antibiotic.

Like quoted from daily mail, honey manuka report effective kill three types of bacteria, that infect when body in injury. including the Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

manuka honey effective against super bacteria
Manuka honey is honey that produced by tree manuka dwelling bees in New Zealand. the researcher have knew the honey for along time, because this honey also often using in modern cure hurt product. The problem is: the power of manuka honey in curing the hurt is still mystery.

A team led by Professor Ross Cooper of the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC), in his research, found that manuka honey was able to prevent the growth of bacteria with an unusual way. This honey can inhibit bacterial bonding process on the network, an important stage in the process of infection.

"Preventing the bond also can inhibit the formation of biofilms, which can protect bacteria from antibiotics and let them cause infection simultaneously,"
said Cooper.

Another study conducted Cooper show, manuka honey makes MRSA become more sensitive to antibiotics such as oxacillin or effectively reverse antibiotic resistance.

May this Manuka Honey drug really can using well

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