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Miracles of Rosemary Leaf

Miracles of Rosemary Leaf - The smell, and taste typical of rosemary leaves, making it a mandatory ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. Despite its function as a spice, leaf named in latin is "rosmarinus officialis", are also beneficial to health.

miracles of rosemary
Since time immemorial, rosemary is used as herbal medicine. Substances contained in the leaves has positive benefits for the body.

Here are five health benefits of rosemary leaf, which was launched from

1. Strength memory

2. Overcome the bloating
When drinking tea or warm water mix in a little rosemary. This can help overcome the bloated by reducing water retention.

3. Healthiest the head skin

4. Flexing the muscles

5. Cancer prevention
Add always rosemary at the steak or baked foods. because the leaves of rosemary contain antioxidants that can reduce the levels of carcinogenic substances in food that is burned up to 92 percent. Carcinogenic substances is the trigger cancer. Simply sprinkle a bit of rosemary that had been sliced ​​on your grilled meals.

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