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Strawberries Potentially Prevent Cancer

Strawberries Potentially Prevent Cancer - Food that contain anti-oxidant, free radical-fighter, During this time believed to protect the body from cancer hazard. One of the potentially cancer-fighting fruit is strawberries.

Research conducted in China showed people at higher risk for esophageal cancer is able to avoid the disease after a routine eating strawberry fruit extracts.

Strawberries Potentially Prevent Cancer
Tong Chen, cancer researchers from Ohio State Comperhensive Cancer Center, became interested in researching the benefits of strawberries in humans after research in laboratory animal experiments showed that tastes of fruit and fresh acid has anti-cancer benefits.

In research funded by the California Strawberry Commission, he studied the health of 36 people from three provinces in China which is famous as the region with the highest esophageal cancer cases in the world.

In many cases, esophageal cancer develops from pre-cancerous lesions, ranging from mild, moderate and most severe stage. Of the 36 participants who consumed powdered strawberries for 6 months, 29 people is improved stadium, for example of the scale is becoming lighter.

"The results of this study are very encouraging because strawberries proven to reduce the histology of precancerous lesions and reduce the level of division of cancer cells and inflammation,"
said Chen.

However, Chen did not want to rush to recommend strawberries to fight cancer. Large-scale studies, more rigorous, and involves the number of respondents varied, it is necessary to find out if the strawberries are effective in preventing cancer or a placebo.

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