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Meditation Improve Brain Health

Meditation Improve Brain Health - In any literature mentioned, meditation is a relaxation practice that involve the blank of mind from all interest factors, burden, even worry in life. Meditation actually have exist for long time ago and often do it by the person in that age.

Meditation Improve Brain Health
During now, meditation often misunderstood by mostly people, because this is considered as a useless activity and just waste the time. Whereas, meditate indirectly have relation to our brain.

Even, meditation in confident can add much input for increasing our brain ability. A research that done before, have prove that exercise in meditation on long time can increase the gray materials at Brain.

Now, a new study claims, with a meditating person's risk of brain shrinkage is much lower. Meditation is also believed to increase in brain cells transmit electrical signals more efficiently.

The results of a study showed that individuals who meditate regularly in the long run, able to lower the white matter in the brain as a cause of aging.

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