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Eating Pattern May Affect Jaw Shape

Eating Pattern May Affect Jaw Shape - Baltimore, Maryland, The form of face jaw at human mostly effected by genetic factors. But, the genetic factors make the form of jaw on different can also trigger by others factors, it's the environment factors and diet or eating pattern.

If we often eating meat or hard food, it's will get the round jaw and have bigger size, While chewing food that is not too hard, his jaw is narrower.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution revealed, each human has the same shape of the jaw at birth despite their genetic differences. The new shape is experiencing a difference in the growth process.

"Our research aims to prove that the jaw bone or plastic could be deformed in response to environmental factors, in this diet," said Megan Holmes, the scientist who led the study as quoted by the ScienceDaily, Monday (08/08/2011).

In his study, Holmes and her colleagues observed the bodies of two population frame representing a different diet and both are considered to live in areas that are genetically isolated. Both are population Arikara Indian tribe in the Dakotas and Point Hope in Alaska.

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