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You sad? How to Overcome Sadness, Look it

How to Overcome Sadness | Almost everyone has experienced sadness, bitter or painful events in life. However, constantly feel anger toward others can affect physical health.

In fact, the negative forces of the bitter feeling was so strong, so you become harder to forgive the mistakes of others.

How to Overcome Sadness

Here are some ways to let go of bitterness as soon as possible after your own health.

1. Complaining briefly

Give yourself time to vent anger, and removing it from your body, advises Dr.. Maryann Troiani, author of Spontaneous Optimism.

2. Watching the news

Frederick Luskin, director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, advise patients hurt to think about how many people are affected by bad things.

''I ask people to watch the news for a day, or read a newspaper, or go to work and chat with people, and they will see that others also suffer, and this is just part of life,''he said.

3. Confrontation

Troiani says: some patients have found solace, to confront those who hurt them. However, these measures could also backfire.

Several former spouse''is really a psychopath, and hunting them can be disastrous. They just will conspire and play the situation and blame you,''he said.

If such a situation, try to write a letter to the person and read it to trusted friends, he advised.

4. Self awareness

Keep reminding yourself about the physical dangers that may attack you if you continue to save bitterness. If not addressed, Troiani says, in the next five years it will haunt you in the form of chronic headaches, fatigue, arthritis, and backaches.

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