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Tips for Choosing a Healthy Chicken Eggs

Tips for Choosing a Healthy Chicken Eggs

As a cheap source of protein, eggs are also useful for preventing heart attacks. One of them by selecting eggs which are rich in antioxidants, ie, eggs from chickens fed foods containing omega-6 fatty acids lower.

"Antioxidants in chicken eggs can reduce the effects of oxidation of cholesterol in the blood that affects the narrowing of the arteries," said Niva Shapira, a professor of nutrition at the University of Tel Aviv, Israel, who conducted research on eggs.

Benefits of antioxidants is just one of a series of benefits of eggs. But you also need to be wary of cholesterol content in eggs. People who have bad cholesterol (LDL), high consume only allowed less than 200 mg of cholesterol per day, this means is prohibited to consume yolk because cholesterol content reaches 213 mg.

Here are tips for choosing a healthy chicken eggs.

Choose rich in omega-3 "Label eggs that contain omega-3 means a guarantee that a hen had been fed a high omega-3 fatty acid that increases levels of healthy eggs," said Kathy Nichols, a nutritionist from California. Eggs that contain omega-3 has 400 mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and omega-3 DHA ((docosahexaenoic acid). Regular chicken eggs contain only 40 mg.

Color brown or white?

Basically there is no nutritional difference between brown chicken eggs or white.

Nothing should be organic

Organic chicken egg farms means that chicken feeding livestock with organic foods and this means it will reduce the pesticides in the earth. But in terms of health, in fact this is not much of an effect due to toxins from pesticides have no effect on the egg itself.

The research team from the University of Oregon found although labeled organic, the eggs have omega-3 levels are the same as regular eggs. In other words, organic feeding had no effect on nutrient levels, so is the chicken or the stable.

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