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3 Essential Exercises for Maintaining Knee Joints

3 Essential Exercises for Maintaining Knee Joints - The age of 30 years, everyone will naturally have what is called a hormone and a decrease in muscle mass. These conditions generally can indirectly affect the reduced stabilization of the knee joint.

Joints are vulnerable to interference problems experienced by almost everyone as we age. Both men and women have similar risk to experience this.

According to a health practitioner who is also Corporate Health trainer dr. Phaidon Lumban Toruan, the decline of hormones, especially growth hormone (growth hormone/GH) will result in the disruption of the work function of the quadriceps muscles, back and calf.

"Because that maintain stability in the knee joint muscles. If muscle mass decreases, stabilization is reduced. When stabilization is reduced, the load on the knee joint becomes very much," said Phaidon in Anti Aging Lifestyle workshop, Sunday, (11/27/2011) in Jakarta.

Growth hormone deficiency can also affect the ability of joints to recover (recovery). The problem, go Phaidon, which served to regenerate the insulin-like growth factors (IGF's) - which is the result of GH stimulation.

Phaidon said, aging is something that is unusual and will be facing all people. But the problem is, most people do not know that the joints must be maintained and the joints may also suffer from aging. Damage to the joints, although rarely fatal, but the sufferer will experience interference free, lifetime health and fitness.

"The problem is more than just a sports joint. Because exercise can actually overload the joint. If we sport not in place and do not know how the rules of the game, will add even joint problems," he said.

Here is 3 (three) types of easy exercise and simple to maintain and care for the knee joint to remain in good health:

1. Squat

Squat (squat-stand) is one type of strength training exercises that hone the muscles, especially on the thighs, hips and buttocks, hamstrings, and strengthening bones.

Squat movement, by Phaidon, is a type of exercise that involve most muscle in the implementation, and triggers the release of growth hormone than any other weight training. So it is recommended to do this exercise routine if you want to increase the body's muscles.

2. Leg curl

Leg Curl Movement is an isolation exercise for the hamstrings muscles (hamstring). This exercise can vary between positions or lying on your stomach or by standing.

3. Raise calves

This is a movement to train calf muscles. To do so, you simply stand with your feet hip-width apart. If you need a balance, use a chair or leaning against the wall. Slowly tiptoe on the foot while maintaining a straight torso and legs. Hold and lower back. Do keep in recurrent

Natural Supplements

The third addition to the above motion, Phaidon added, to assist the formation of cells of healthy joints may also be supported by the consumption of supplements derived from Omega 3 and vitamin C.

"If one must use natural supplements are recommended to consume supplements (made by nature) instead of synthetic," he advised.

Until now, there is no cure or action that can heal the inflammation in the knee joint. Treatment of arthritis is currently only intended to reduce pain, restore joint function and prevent or delay the occurrence of degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis.

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