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Benefits of Durian Fruit for Beauty

Benefits of Durian Fruit for Beauty | Durian Fruit Benefits for Beauty, Durian fruit, including the most preferred fruit in Indonesia. Besides delicious taste, the aroma is also very tempting. In addition to delicious and sweet, the benefits of durian fruit is not yet known to us as beauty treatments. In addition to rejuvenate the skin, the fruit is also good for reducing the effects of wrinkles.

More Beautiful with Durian

Beauty experts have said that there are three kinds of things that make your skin age. These factors are, intrinsic aging (aging due to factor in), extrinsic aging (aging due to external factors), and hormonal aging (aging due to hormonal factors).

The first and third factors are outside our control as human beings. But the aging due to external factors, can be prevented in several ways. One of them by taking advantage of durian fruit.

You can use the durian fruit as a face mask, or eat alone. Corresponding study of the dermatologist, the benefits of durian fruit was also effective to reduce wrinkles on the face (due to its flavonoid that can tighten the skin), and reduce dark circles in the eye.

You want to use it as a mask, and apply enough durian fruit flesh on your face and your eyes before going to bed. In addition to using the durian fruit, Balance your life as well with regular exercise and lots of vitamin E.

The goal that aging due to hormonal or other factors in the aging than you can handle. Extracts of durian is also nice to return the dead skin cells on your body.

Use the durian flesh when you shower and rinse thoroughly. After bathing, you will see the difference. Not only the dead skin cells are lost, but also your skin will look more toned.

Tips on Choosing Fruit Durian

But you should be more careful if you want to buy durian fruit, because now many outstanding durian 'injection'. That is, the durian fruit that has been injected with certain sweeteners before sale.

When buy it, do not hesitate to ask the seller to split the durian you want to buy, and do not hesitate also to taste it. Make sure your choice durian, it skin is yellow and brown, yellow flesh and sweet taste and fragrant aroma.

You need to be vigilant with the green durian fruit, and pale yellow flesh color tend to be white. Although the meat taste sweet, this is the durian fruit is still young and has been 'forced' to be mature additives.

Happy hunting, and feel the benefits of durian fruit!

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