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Eat lots of Fruits & Vegetables, Potent Preventing Degenerative Diseases

Eat lots of Fruits & Vegetables | All degenerative diseases are caused by the same parent, ie metabolic imbalances or metabolic syndrome. Sufficient intake of vegetables and fruits for the body is one way to ward off disease.

The number of deaths from heart disease according to WHO data as many as 17.2 million people per year. In developing countries such as Indonesia, the number increased by 137 percent. This increase is closely associated with increased consumption of fast food, junk food, and urban pollution.

The food industry is often blamed as the trigger poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle, especially manufacturers of fast food. Fast food contain lots of fat, red meat, high-calorie as well. All of which increase the risk of degenerative diseases, ie diseases of the body function decline over time. Examples of degenerative diseases include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer's and cancer.

This disease is closely associated with western lifestyles. See the rise of degenerative diseases in recent years, researchers in the west began to glance at the treatment and healthy lifestyle ala east.

"Chlorophyll or leaf chlorophyll can capture toxins from the fat and water. While fikosianin blue or green dye can capture beracin heavy metals from the body. Capability is not owned by any drug. Non-nutrient substances are widely available in fruits, vegetables, and some types of algae, particularly algae Cryptomonodales, "said Frederik.

Furthermore, Frederik also explained that the supplement industry in the United States have started to switch from a synthetic vitamin supplements or dietary supplement called functional food. Given this supplement, is expected to provide for the intake of vegetables and fruits are much needed by the body. Because the form of dietary supplements, unlike the consumption of drugs. Body may take whatever it needs without the harmful side effects.

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