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How To Prevent Stroke Disease

How To Prevent Stroke Disease - High incidence of stroke in this country has not been matched with the handling of public awareness of this health problem. In fact, stroke is the leading cause of disability in patients. Stroke prevention efforts can be done in several ways, including keeping blood cholesterol levels remain within safe limits.

When blood tests showed blood cholesterol levels above 200 mg/dl, then the levels should be lowered. LDL cholesterol levels in normal blood is less than 160 mg/dl, but if you have one or more risk factors (hypertension, diabetes, smoking, obesity, and heart disease), the recommended LDL cholesterol not exceed 130 mg/dl.

According dr.Sutarto Prodjo Disastro, Sp.S, excess cholesterol can be deposited on the walls of blood vessels that can cause narrowing and hardening of the arteries or also called atherosclerosis. "If the blockage is affecting the blood vessels of the brain there will be a stroke," said Chairman of Public Relations and Outreach Yaysan Stroke Indonesia in Jakarta, Thursday (19/8).

Cholesterol can be controlled with low-fat diet. Ideally, our food contains fat consumption below 30 percent, 50 percent carbohydrates, and protein 20 per cent. Keep your cholesterol in the control of food sources of cholesterol not exceed 300 mg per day.

"Foods such as bowel, egg yolks, shrimp, and animal fats, can raise cholesterol. Therefore, the age, should be shifted to a diet loaded with vegetables and fruits," he said in a media event education dr.Sutarto Control of Life Cholesterol control in Jakarta.

Lack of physical activity also contribute to building cholesterol. The types of effective exercise to help lower cholesterol levels that involve the large muscles of the body such as thighs, upper arms, and hips.

In addition to diet and exercise properly, compliance is also noteworthy. Here means obedience, obedient conduct periodic inspections to control cholesterol levels, consult your doctor regularly and take medication regularly, especially if diet and exercise do not lower cholesterol.

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