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Myths About Food and Beverage

Myths About Food and Beverage | Some assumptions about food and drink is often circulated around us. Which one is right and just a myth? Check out the explanation.

Myth: Drink a glass water before eating can reduce eating appetite.
Fact: Will be "yes" and will be "no", water in food form, like: soup or juice can't be consider as food anymore, except as fluid food. Because we will be satisfied when consume it, more over before eat prime food. If the main is drink white water before eating, this habits help you to reduce food up 75-90 calories, but not reduce eating appetite.

Public opinion that says that drinking water can suppress appetite also refuted by Professor Stanley Goldfarb, metabolism expert from the University of Pennsylvania. Because, this was no proof.

Myth: Soda good diet and safe for consumption.
Fact: It's okay to eat but do not overdo it. However, it remains the best choice of water, juice and green tea. Soda is less advisable for the health of any kind. Beverage that tastes this fresh it could threaten our health, especially if taken every day (and not offset by drinking enough water).

Myth: Potatoes can be fattening.
Fact: Potatoes contain substances that are good, but if the process by frying or given additional butter, obviously increases the amount of calories that can be fattening.

Myth: The seafood is high in cholesterol.
Fact: Yes, cholesterol levels in shellfish, crabs, shrimp is high. About 85 grams of prawns contain cholesterol are three times larger than the body's daily needs. Eat just enough to avoid heart attacks.

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