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Sugar content in Lemon

Sugar content in Lemon | Oranges are a source of vitamin C, fiber and folate. Does not contain sodium, fat or cholesterol, the average orange contains 80 calories. Citrus fruit provides the sweetness of natural sugar. Citrus fruit in a medium-size, can contain 19 g carbohydrate, 13 g which is sugar. Oranges contain three types of sugar, sucrose, glucose and fructose.


Sugar is the largest amount found in oranges is sucrose. 6.5 g of sucrose is 13G sugar in a medium sized orange. Sucrose is a combination of two types of sugar in the juice, namely glucose and fructose. Medline Plus, National Library Service and the U.S. National Institutes of Health notes that sugar provides calories but no other nutrients. Sugar does not cause diabetes, but people are diagnosed with diabetes may need to limit their sugar intake.


Fructose is the second largest contributor to the amount of sugar in the juice. A medium-size orange has 3.5 grams of fructose. This type of sugar is one of the major sugar found in fruits and honey. reported that some people prefer glucose and sucrose as an energy source. This is because glucose and sucrose more slowly absorbed into the bloodstream.


Glucose accounted for 3g sugar in medium navel oranges. This is a simple sugar and one that will be absorbed into the bloodstream the fastest. It is also known as dextrose when added to food.

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