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Do not Force Kids Eat Vegetables

Do not Force Kids Eat Vegetables | Problems that are difficult toddler to eat vegetables is often a parent to make dizzy. Nevertheless toddlers should not be forced or threatened, threatened that they would open his mouth for vegetables.

A recent research showed that parents often scold their children for doing something that kids do not like to like to eat vegetables, it will make the child more and avoid those foods.

Researchers say, are constantly urging the child to finish the food they do not like is something that is counter-productive. Indeed toddlers are generally easier to eat nutritious foods, if they are not under pressure.

This research was conducted by U.S. researchers in Pennsylvania and Appalachian State University. They conclude, "Forcing children to eat will not be effective in promoting intake."

"These findings provide evidence that pressure on children to contribute to low intake of foods and can cause adverse responses to food. Instead, children are more likely to improve food intake if they are not forced to eat," he explained

Meanwhile Richard Woolfson, a child psychologist said, "I think the answer is do not push it gently with coercion," he advised.

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