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Food After Exercise | Weight Loss | Sport

Food after exercise | Sport is very important for fitness, but very few people can optimize their sport. After the exercise we need to eat certain foods that we do exercise to be optimal. The name is Food after exercise. there is a line of Food after exercise which very important for our consumption.

According to one source stated that: the body after exercise be hungry, so that after exercise, our bodies need food to recover his fatigue.

We see this is as the important to known by everyone, so we try to include information about Food after exercise in this post. OK, let's see what are Food after exercise it.

List of Food after exercise

1. Cherries and yogurt
Research conducted at the University of Michigan shows that eating cherries before and after exercise can reduce inflammation, because this fruit contains anthocyanins (powerful antioxidants giving the cherry red color) is high. Combine a handful of cherries with a cup of yogurt that contains lots of protein and calcium. Then feel the results. These foods can recharge your body after exercise.

2. Low-fat chocolate milk
Drinking low-fat chocolate milk after exercise.

3. Whole-grain cereal and milk
Other Food After Exercise, Eat a bowl of cereal made from the original wheat with non-fat milk after you finish working out because it can replenish your muscle glycogen.

4. Salmon, sweet potatoes and spinach
If you exercise before lunch or dinner, fitness trainers and dieticians from Los Angeles, Cassandrea Corum, advised to eat foods that contain protein, complex carbohydrates, and fats.

5. Tuna, brown rice and vegetables
one more Food After Exercise, One more food can you eat after a workout is a blend of tuna, brown rice and vegetables. Brown rice contains fiber and carbohydrates.

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