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Sports Proven Boost Brain Ability

Sports Proven Boost Brain Ability | Exercise not only makes the muscles become stronger, but also can improve the memory function of the brain. This is evident from the research conducted by Kirsten hotting, PhD from the University of Hamburg, Germany.

Based on studies, hotting finds that middle-aged men and women who are cycling or stretching routine, and coordination for two hours a week, for six months, had improvement in memory and other thinking skills.

"Combining different forms of exercise may provide beneficial effects on brain function,"
he said.

Experts say, in adults who are elderly, brain regions associated with memory (hippocampus) tend to shrink. Previous research has also found that a brain region called the hippocampus could again grow after they (older people) began to perform physical activity. This growth is usually accompanied by an increase in memory function.

The newest research, the research focuses on the hotting up of middle-aged individuals. He conducted an evaluation of 68 active men and women aged between 40-56 years. Each volunteer was asked to do moderate exercise, such as stretching and cycling. As a comparison, researchers also involved 18 people are known to be physically inactive.

Hotting said, prior to the study, all volunteers to test cardiovascular fitness. Each program is supervised, and lasts for one hour, twice a week.

"Training or coordination of a stretch, starting with a brief warm up phase, followed by stretching and strengthening the major muscles of the body as a whole,"
he said.

"Exercise is defined as the coordination of balance exercises, complex movements of the arms and legs, and so on. Then, the exercise ends with a relaxation exercise,"
he added.

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