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4 Type of Milk Accordance to Requirements

4 Type of Milk Accordance to Requirements | Like to drink milk, but the fear of fat. Fat is not easy, but may suffer from allergies. So, what's the solution?

If you like a trip to the hypermarket, or to a pharmacy, there are actually several types of milk are made to suit our needs. Because, basically the condition of our bodies is different, and not everyone can afford to consume cow's milk. Well, if you've rarely drink milk for fear of being fat, for example, try searching for other types of milk that keep you healthy without getting fat.

The best choice for all: Cow's milk, low fat
(83 cal, 0 g fat, 8 grams of protein per 230 ml)
A glass of cow's milk provides protein intake as large as eggs, plus 300 mg of calcium, which is equal to 30 percent of your daily needs. Of milk, you will also get vitamin D, nutrients that are sorely needed by women, according to dietitian Bonnie Dix-Tabu.

For the vegetarian: Soy Milk
(131 cal, 4 g fat, 8 grams of protein per 230 ml)
Not just vegetarians who need soy milk, but also those who are allergic to cow's milk, or lactose intolerance. However, the unique taste makes you who do not have a problem with both of these well loved. That it should be noted, the calorie content is a little more than low-fat cow's milk, but the same protein content. The result, the same satiety.

For a diet: almond milk (60 cal, 2.5 g fat, 1 gram protein per 230 ml)
Almond milk has a mild sweet flavor, and of course a little taste of peanuts. Low calorie suitable for those who like milk, but worried about making your body fat. Almond milk is also fortified with calcium and vitamin D. However, due to its protein content is very low compared to other types of milk, make sure you get your protein intake from other sources.

For the other food allergies: milk rice (120 cal, 2.5 g fat, 1 gram protein per 230 ml)
Rice milk can be consumed by those with lactose intolerance, soy, and nuts. Double the calorie content of almond milk for the dose per cup, the protein was arguably negligible. Even so, hard to keep dairy products fortified with calcium and vitamin D, as well as B3 and B12. Rice milk product is still the most imported products, so that you can only find in the supermarket the expatriates, or in hypermarkets.

Source: Kompas

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