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7 Secrets Around Healthy Eyes

7 Secrets Around Eye Health | Eye Although only a small part of the body, but its role is huge. Maximize the function of eye sight with eyes that know the information about you may never know the following:

7 Secrets Around Healthy Eyes
7 Secrets Around Healthy Eyes

7 Secrets Around Healthy Eyes

  1. Do not use paper towels or toilet paper to clean the glass surface of the eye. Tissue or toilet paper made ​​of wood, so it can scratch the lens. Use eye glass cleaning cloth. If this is unavoidable, use your shirt tie or a soft tip.
  2. Sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce glare is great, but the lenses can make us more difficult to see the LCD screen or a mobile phone.
  3. Ultraviolet radiation not only damages the skin but also the eyes. So always use sunglasses when in the sun.
  4. Carrots are not the best vegetables for the eyes, because the first rank for eye health is spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables.
  5. Reading in less lighting basically damage the eyes, but if forced to make the headache.
  6. Always remove your contact lenses before sleeping. These healthy habits will reduce your risk of bacterial eye up to 15 times.
  7. To reduce the pain of eye drops, eye drops keep in the refrigerator.

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