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Food for Energy Source

Food for Energy Source - Food not only have function for nutrient intake, but also for increase spirit and get more energy. So, if you feel that your spirit and energy are decrease please consume some food like below:
Food for Energy Source

Food for Energy Source

1. High Fiber Food
Fiber is an important part of a healthy breakfast because it can fill up and give you energy for hours. Foods high in fiber such as oatmeal, whole wheat bread, dried fruit and raisins to cereal fiber intake enhancers.

2. High Protein Food
The protein works by regulating blood sugar so as to maintain energy throughout the morning. Foods high in protein such as eggs, dairy products such as yogurt, low-fat milk and low-fat cheese, toast with peanut butter, uncured sausage, chicken or ham.

3. Fruits
Fruit is a good choice for breakfast because it gives you something sweet and also energized. Fruit also makes breakfast more easily because there are so many different options. In addition, vitamin especially vitamin C may also provide additional energy for the morning.

May this article about food for energy source is useful to all.

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